Welcome to Saudi Fransi Capital

Saudi Fransi Capital (SFC) is the investment arm of Banque Saudi Fransi with a capital of SR 500 million.  The Company is licensed by the Capital Market Authority to conduct the full-range of investment activities under license number (11153/37).  Under our license, we conduct securities dealing (as principal and agent), managing (of mutual funds and client portfolios), underwriting, advising, arranging and custody.  Although we were established in January 2011, our history is long and rich.  

In 1985 our parent, Banque Saudi Fransi, offered securities brokerage in Saudi equities.  From there, our investment activities grew as did our achievements.  Today, we stand as one of the leading investment firms in Saudi Arabia with a significant share of local brokerage activities, a unique and award-winning asset management offering and a major presence within the investment banking field.

Our products and services fall mainly into three gro...

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